Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The First Time

So I don't really know what I'm doing here. I guess I just wanted to start a blog about my life and some of my thoughts. Instead of sharing my life story, I'll just share my current thoughts and eventually I'll talk about things from the past that will give a better idea as to who I am.

At the beginning of the summer, I decided that I needed to be more active in my lifestyle. Less sitting around and more physical activities. I decided to do this for a few reasons. First, I love to play sports and games, but I would just get tired running around after about two minutes. Seconds, I kind of freaked out when I saw stretch marks from gaining so much weight. And third, I think I just wanted to feel better about myself.

So I decided that I should start running. Although when I started, I don't think I would have called it running. More like walking with occasional short bursts of speed. I figured that if I really wanted to lose some weight that I should buy a scale so I could measure my progress. I went and got a relatively inexpensive scale and weighed myself. I got on and I thought I had bought a defective scale. I had no idea I weighed that much. Talk about depressing. I was looking for things around the house that I knew the weight of so I could put them on the scale to see if it was really wrong. Turns out it wasn't. I was about 30 pounds heavier than I thought. That's when I decided that I needed to do something about it.

I decided that I'm not eating any more refined sugars. No more cookies, cakes, pop, candy, anything. Anything with high fructose corn syrup or anything else refined was out. I quit it all, cold turkey. Natural sugars like honey and fruit are okay. Then I realized that I needed to stop eating until I was uncomfortably full. Learning to eat only until I am satisfied has been interesting. I've worked hard to make meals with smaller portions. And when I'm not hungry anymore, I stop. Then I set a goal of being able to run a 5K race. Not fast, just to be able to finish it. That's coming up on July 26. We'll see how it goes. I've been at this for about 2 and a half months now and so far I've lost 20 pounds. Hopefully I'll be able to keep losing weight and get down to my target. I'll keep you posted.

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