Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm Not Nearly This Creative

I found this surfing online last night. It made me smile.

Who knew you could do so much with post it notes? Apparently this guy did.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

"I Thought They Smelled Bad On The Outside!"

One of the best scenes from The Empire Strikes Back is when Han Solo has to save Luke Skywalker on the planet Hoth. Luke has just escaped the Wampa, an alien ice monster set on eating our hero. After his escape, Luke is wounded and stranded in the middle of a ice planet with no shelter. Luckily for him, Han Solo comes to the rescue. After finding Luke, Han Solo's Tauntaun dies from exposure to the cold. So Han Solo must improvise on the best way to keep Luke alive and warm. The scene I'm talking about starts at the 3:15 mark on the clip.

What a cool scene! As a kid I liked the sound effects of the Tauntaun innards spilling out as Han Solo sliced it open. Anyway, the purpose of this post is to point out there are still fun and creative ways to make money off of Star Wars. The folks over at ThinkGeek have come up with Tauntaun Sleeping Bag. Their description of the bag says:
This high-quality sleeping bag looks just like a Tauntaun, complete with saddle, internal intestines and glowing lightsaber zipper pull.

It looks just like a real Tauntaun!

It's the intestines that are the key in keeping the kids warm at night.

Okay, this product isn't actually available or even in production. It has become so popular and requested by so many Star Wars fans though, the people at ThinkGeek are trying to get all of the permissions and licensing required to sell these wonderful pieces of nostalgia. I think it's a great idea.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Camera Breaking Butt Story

Last week my friend Elisa came for a visit from Utah. While she was here we did all sorts of fun stuff like going out to dinner, attending a wedding reception, having a barbecue, breaking a pinata, and bowling.

While on the way to the bowling alley, I decided to act a little immature. I stole Elisa's phone from her purse and hid it under my leg. She thought she dropped it or left it at the restaurant where we had lunch. I silently snickered to myself as she had someone else call it, but I successfully muffled the ringing. She eventually figured out I had her phone. After a little obligatory taunting, I returned it.

After our bowling game we were paying for our respective games, when I discovered that my phone was now missing. I know I probably deserved it. I searched around for it, but it was nowhere to be found. I figured one of the girls, Elisa, Tabi, or Shelby, had taken it. Although I wasn't sure which girl. So in order to get my phone back, I started systematically taking their electronic devices to trade for my phone. My plan was to use their property as ransom for my phone.

I began with Tabi's cell phone, probably because she was the easiest target. Then I managed to get Elisa's cell phone and camera through some mis-direction. Then the girls threw a wrench into the plan. They had somehow stolen my friend Jon's cell phone. Jon eventually got Shelby's cell phone, which meant we had all three of the girls cell phones and a camera. Then I took Tabi's car keys. So I had three cell phones and a set of car keys in my front pockets and I placed the camera in my back pocket. Jon got his cell phone back by wrestling it away from Shelby.

I told the girls that I would willingly trade all three cell phones, a camera, and the car keys for my cell phone. We were all acting pretty juvenile at this point and had to have my friend Adrian (a neutral party) act at the go between for the trade. All seemed right in the world again until Elisa turned on her camera. This is what it looked like.

Apparently this is what a camera looks like after I sit on in.

I felt so bad I had broken the screen. It turned out Elisa's camera had been a Christmas gift from her mom, which made me feel even worse. I told Elisa I would replace it. So we made a trip to Wal-mart and found a new camera. They didn't have the exact camera there but we found a comparable one that she liked.

The moral of the story: Don't sit on stolen digital cameras while involved in a gender war at an ice cream shop.