Friday, August 8, 2008

Top 5 Fun: 80's Movie Edition

I've been wanting to do some more top 5 lists for a little while, but I was drawing a blank on what types of things that I could rate. Then I saw that Ferris Bueller's Day Off was on TV and it hit me. I could do a top 5 list of 80's movies. Actually I want to do more top 5 lists as well but that might take some time. So for now I'll just stick with my 80's movies edition.

5. Conan The Barbarian - I remember seeing this movie when I was really young. I don't remember anything really about the movie except that I thought the sword fighting was pretty cool. It wasn't until I got a little older that I really understood and appreciated the movie itself. A story of a child that suffers hardships and who grows up to overcome those hardships. Eventually he has his revenge on those who caused his suffering. Classic.

4. The Never Ending Story - I absolutely loved this movie the first time I saw it. My family used to rent a VCR and videos from the local video store. I remember watching the movie like three times in the 24 hours that we had the equipment. I wanted to be a great warrior like Atreyu. I wanted to have his horse Artax and ride the luck dragon, Falkor. The Gmork, that wolf like monster that serves the Nothing, totally scared me. Such wonderful characters, how could this movie be bad? The only thing I didn't like, and still to this day can't understand, was the name that Bastian gave to the Empress. I know he give her his mothers name and that he shouts it out into the rain, but I have no idea what he says.

3. Better Off Dead - Okay, I'm not really a big John Cusack fan, but this movie is awesome. It's funny and has tons of great one liners. Boy meets girl. Boy and girl start to date. Girls dumps boy for someone more popular. Boy is depressed until he realizes he is better off with out said girl. Boy even finds a cooler and better girl to be with. Plus there are so many funny things that happen from the friend that snorts snow and jell-o trying to get high to the dancing hamburger claymation scene. And the quotes: "I'm sorry your mom blew up Ricky", "It's got raisins in it, you like raisins Lane", and "I've been going to this high school for seven and a half years. I'm no dummy. I know high school girls". So funny.

2. Weird Science - The first of the two John Hughes movies on my list. About two high school geeks trying to fit in and their creation of cyber girl come to life. What's not to love? Maybe I identified with this movie because I was somewhat geeky in high school. I dont' know. But it's another fun story about the main characters actually learning to be themselves. Actually, I'm starting to wonder if there are any 80's movies that don't take place in high school.

1. The Breakfast Club - The best John Hughes movie as far as I'm concerned. I'm not really sure what it is about this movie that I like so much. It seems like everything about the movie seems so memorable. From the characters to the music to the scenes themselves. So much so that even JC Penny has remade some of the scenes for a commercial for a back to school sale. I like how the kids start off being completely different from each other. Each from a different social group all stuck in the same situation and forced to learn how to deal with each other. I think that character development that is seen through out the movie is what I really enjoy.

Honorable Mentions: Top Gun, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Footloose, Goonies, Teen Wolf, The Secret of My Success, The Karate Kid, Labyrinth, Back To The Future, Brewster's Millions, Adventures In Babysitting, Short Circuit, Big, Over The Top


Sandy said...

Love, love, love the top 5 lists! This one did have me laughing quite a bit. Mostly at your memory of the character names in Neverending Story. Did you have to google any or was that really all you? I might have to make my own 80s movie list now...

Crisostomo Trujillo said...

I remembered all of the names except for the Gmork. I'm not sure why I am able to remember those things.

Vinnie said...

cause you remember stuff like that. i think it is borderline autism, you freaky mexcian :-)