Sunday, August 24, 2008

Leaving On A Jet Plane...And Ending Up On A Road Trip Instead

This weekend Andrea and I went to Las Vegas to so she could go through the temple. Her dad is a pilot and has some connections for cheap flights. Usually that means standby tickets. We went to the Fort Collins/Loveland Airport to catch our flight to Las Vegas. After getting our tickets and waiting in the terminal for a couple of hours it was time to board the plane. Because we had standby tickets we would be the last ones to get on the plane after the regular paying passengers boarded. As we were standing there waiting for our turn to get on the plane, we were told that the plane has reached it weight capacity. Something to do with the altitude, the heat, and the short runway only allowed for certain weight limit for a non-stop flight to Las Vegas. All of the regular passengers boarded the plane, and they had reached the weight limit. So those of us with standby tickets weren't allowed on the plane.

After going back to the ticket counter and trying to figure out the best way to get to Las Vegas, we came up with absolutely nothing. There was another flight leaving from Colorado Springs, but that still left us with no way to get to the Colorado Springs Airport. Even if we had made it, we still were not guaranteed a seat. We looked into renting a car to drive down to Colorado Springs but it was just too expensive for the short time that we needed it.

Another couple who also wasn't able to get on the plane because they had standby tickets too asked us if we wanted to car pool with them to Las Vegas. They were from Las Vegas and needed to get back so they could get back to work. They told us they were renting a car and were going to make the 12 hour drive. They asked if we wanted to travel with them and split the cost of the car and of gas. Of course we jumped at the chance because Andrea needed to get to Las Vegas so she could go through the temple.

Words almost escape me as to how to describe the trip. Oh, I've got it. Worst. Road Trip. Ever. We ended up renting a Chevy HHR to make the 12 hour road trip. Not a comfortable car at all. We also didn't leave Fort Collins until about 1:30 pm, so we already had a late start. And then there was just the awkwardness of spending 12 hours in close proximity of complete strangers. Thankfully Ivan & Toni (the other couple) were pretty cool and we all seemed to get along.

By the time we got to Las Vegas it was about 2 am and I was miserable. I don't know who designed the seats in the Chevy HHR, but he was a bad person. I wouldn't even call what we did in the car sitting. Sitting is supposed to be somewhat comfortable. And what we did was so uncomfortable. When we finally stopped, I couldn't get out of the car quick enough. I thought I might lose it. I was so irritated. I was so relieved to get to Andrea's house. A strange bed never felt so good.

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