Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Best Date Ever!

Occasionally I'll be flipping through the channels on TV and I'll come up on some pretty interesting shows. Recently I came up on VH1's Best Week Ever. It's a show that recaps all of the pop culture happenings of the week along with commentary from various comedians and celebrities. Not that any of that matters. The reason why I bring up the TV show Best Week Ever, is because the title made me think about some of my best fill-in-the-blank ever experiences. That got me thinking about the best date that I had ever been on and gave me a another subject to post about.

The best date that I've ever been on was when I was attending Ricks College (it wasn't BYU-Idaho yet) and my friends and I decided that we would do a big group date for an upcoming dance. I know, there aren't normally dances at college, but it's a Mormon school and we can be a little weird. My friends and I decided that we would find dates and have an evening of excitement and fun. Before I get started, it's important to note that I had a friend who was a Rexburg local and his parents owned several business locations and were also the owners of the local Sears dealership.

We started off by getting permission from his parents to use one of the empty commercial buildings they owned for our date. It was an old tile store and there were no furnishings at all, except for the counter. Prior to picking our dates up, my friends and I did all of the set up work. We bought about 150 candles and set them up around the room. We also set up our dining area with blankets, pillows, Asian style dinnerware, and chopsticks. Now that I think back on it, it kind of had a middle eastern harem look to it.

After all of the set up work, we were off to pick up our dates and attend to our pre-dinner activity. After picking up our dates, we headed to the mall in Idaho Falls for some fun dress up time. We broke into groups of 2 couples and went into the different stores trying on different clothes and taking pictures of ourselves with disposable cameras. It was a good time and we got some pretty fun pictures. When we finished at the mall we headed back to our dinner location to surprise them with our dinner set up.

As the girls came in to the store, all of the lights were off and the candles were burning. We presented each girl with a rose and we sat down as we waited for the food to arrive. Because of the way we set up the dinnerware and the chop stick, the girls were expecting to get Chinese food. They were a bit surprised when the pizza guy showed up instead. They had a good laugh though, and enjoyed the pizza too.

After the dance we decided to watch a movie. We picked a movie to watch and realized that no one had an apartment big enough for everyone to fit. My friend talked to his parents and they said we could watch the movie at the Sears store. We got a bunch of bean bags and soft chairs and headed over Sears to watch the movie. It was quite the experience to watch a movie on 2 dozen screens. I think we all ended up falling asleep though.

I've had lots of good dates with lots of different girls but this is the one that I remember as being the most fun. What was the most fun you had on date? What did you do?

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That was a great date :)