Monday, March 9, 2009

"Up, Up, And Away!"

My friend Tabi is a huge fan of the show Smallville. Recently she has brought here DVD collection of the show to my house for me to enjoy. I used to watch the show like clockwork while I lived in Rexburg. When I moved to Fort Collins, I didn't have cable. So I stopped watching the show. It wasn't until a few years later that I got cable again. By that time I was so far behind in the watching the show that I didn't even bother to try to catch up. That is until Tabi re-introduced me to the goodness of Superman.

After watching an episode of Smallville the other day, my roommate asked "What super power would you want?" I thought that was a really good question. You would think that a comic book fanboy like me would already have a power chosen and reasons to back up my decision. Sadly, this was far from a reality.

As I began thinking about it, I found that I became more and more indecisive. Should I choose super strength so I don't have any problems doing any physical activities? Should I choose super speed so I can accomplish any task quickly? Should I choose flight so I never have to worry about being stuck in traffic. Should I choose invisibility so I can go and do what I want undetected? Should I choose telekinesis so I can manipulate things with my mind? There are so many to choose from. After some lengthy thought, I finally narrowed down the super power I would want.

Instant teleportation.

Sure those other powers would be cool. I mean really cool. I would choose being able to teleport because of it's practical use. Running a few minutes late to work? Not anymore. I could wake up 15 minute before having to go anywhere, shower, shave, and dress. Then BAMF!, I'm exactly where I need to be. Forget to pick something up from the grocery store? BAMF!, I'm right there in the dairy section to get it. Want to visit my brother in Texas? BAMF!, I'm right there hanging out with him. It would be like the movie Jumper, except good.

What would your super power be, and why?


Anthony said...

I like your choice of super power. I think that would be one that I would choose as well, but if that one were unavailable for whatever reason think I would choose the healing factor that Wolverine and the Hulk have. Granted, I would have to wait in traffic but I would stay very healthy and any injury might sustain would not be a problem! No Medical Bills!

Elisa said...

Your, not You're. And I would choose flight. I have always wanted to fly. It's not as fast as instant teleportation or whatever you chose...but almost. But you'd get to have fun while getting somewhere! Thrilling! :-) (PS. yes I actually read your blog today. Well, just this entry, haha). Love you!